What Does SURE Vehicle Management System (VMS) do?

This is the Vehicle Management System's live-view feature when using a SURE mobile digital video recorder (MDVR). 

On the monitor segment, you are able to track vehicles using 'map mode'. The map displays green vehicle icons to symbolise that the vehicle is online and operational or grey vehicle icons for those none operational. 


If you click the green vehicle icons, you are able to identify the vehicle via registration number. The information displayed will also show mileage, mileage today, speed of the vehicle, device number, GPS coordinates, status (online/offline) and number of camera channels. 

This tracking system can be implemented into entire fleets of vehicles to create an easy to monitor network similar to that of SURE Enterprise


VMS Monitoring Tab (Click the image to expand)

Vehicle Management System Capabilities

Available Fleet Information from the VMS
This VM system will consolidate a fleet of vehicles into one, easy-to-use 'Monitoring Centre'.

Our CCTV engineers are monitored using this system by our SURE Transport Service Administrators. This allows our employees to easily identify where our engineers are when communicating to our customers. Not only does this system benefit the customer/in-house administrators but it also benefits the engineers. With engineers on the road constantly, they are more likely to experience a road traffic accident. If this was to occur then our system and live view monitoring would be able to quickly identify whether the engineer was speeding or being dangerous to other drivers. 

  • Consolidate an Entire Fleet of Vehicles
  • Monitor Speed of the Vehicle
  • Locate Vehicles Using GPS Tracking
  • Identify Registration Numbers
  • Monitor Live Vehicle Video Footage
  • Report on Driver Behaviour
  • Playback Captured Footage
  • Report on Mileage, Faults, Fuel and More
Enterprise CCTV Health Icons

Understand Online VS Offline Vehicles

Green: Online, CCTV Operational
Grey: Offline, CCTV Offline
Enterprise Software in Action

Live CCTV Video Monitoring

Split the Channels

When using 'video mode' you are able to monitor up to 16 video inputs simultaneously. These can either be all from the same vehicle or a selection of different vehicles, dependent on what you aim to monitor. 

Map Monitoring

GPS tracking/monitoring can be located either on the right-hand side of the video channels or is available in full screen on the tab labelled 'Map Mode'. 

 GPS positioning co-ordinates are available for all of the vehicles with offline/online status, mileage today and speed of the vehicle. The vehicle is considered online when the ignition of the vehicle is turned on and the vehicle's electrics are powering the digital video recorder. 

Live View Monitoring on Multiple Channels

Video Playback in Browser (Replay Mode)

Video Download
Download and easily distribute captured videos stored within SURE VMS. You may need to download footage in instances where an incident has occurred and captured video needs to be given to police or used in a court.


Simply select the vehicle, date and time you wish to observe and then download the file from the list below the footage you are monitoring.


Where download is not required, simply open your VMS browser and follow the same steps. Locate the vehicle you wish to monitor and select a time and date. Once you have a time, date and vehicle, simply press play and begin watching the footage.

Video Playback and Download

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